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Solar EVA Encapsulant Division for the PV module

EVA Encapsulant Division was established in 1998, has developed two major categories of products epoxy glue and EVA Encapsulant with the STAR Company in German. All products used imported raw materials. After more than a year of contrast aging test, our products are superior to the current world's major brand in comprehensive characteristics, including cross-linked, adhesion, transparency, resistant to high temperature and humidity, resistant to UV, and the match to silicone, chip and solder corrosion in hot and humid, and etc. Our company passed through the quality system certification ISO9001: 2000 in 2004, ISO 14001, All products comply with the RoHS directive requirements, some products passed the UL certification in 2002, and some products passed German TUV certification in 2005.
     Performance and Application:

Product Type



EVA   Encapsulant 2008B

good adhesion; excellent resistance to yellow degeneration; higher price-performance,UL and TUV certification

for large Solar module Encapsulation

EVA   Encapsulant 2008A

excellent resistance to yellow degeneration; excellent adhesion with Glass and Backsheet,avoiding the bubble and delamination , UL and IEC 61215 certification

for large Thin film module Encapsulation

EVA   Encapsulant 2009


high transmission rate, ≥ 92%; excellent resistance to yellow degeneration; excellent adhesion ,TUV and UL certification

for large Solar module Encapsulation


good adhesion to PCB board

for lamps and solar panels Encapsulation


An epoxy glue with good resistance to yellow degeneration, resistant to crack

for lamps and solar panels panels Encapsulation





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