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>> Semiconductor Composite Material Division
      Yonggu Semiconductor Composite Material Division was built in 2003. The purpose is to contribute professional service to photovoltaic industry. Main products are used by all kinds of LBD, Nixie tube, etc., and we have complete series products right now. We also have the ability to supply whole solution for different customers.
      Main Market
Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta. Product Catalog
      Product Catalog


Property & Purpose

6518 A/B

Lamp? Normal series

6125 A/B

Low stress, High Tg,≥140excellent cost performance, good performance in crest welder, anti-UV in certain condition.

6338 A/B

High Tg,≥150Excellent Anti-yellowing

6380 A/B

High Tg,≥175Excellent Anti-yellowing

5116 A/B-GD


9008 A/B

Display normal series


Normal temp. Gluetake from degree of deformation of special type Display

9019 A/B

Encapsulated by rubber tube


Dispersing agent

       PSfor non-plumbum purpose, 6125A/B has excellent cost performance.
       Agent products
6500 CHIP TOP,EMT-3Remover ,White light glue,Insulated glue,Thermal conduct insulated glue




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